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Unique gift "Cafepress.com" , "An illustration and the character that I created" Design on Products.
Thank you for visiting my home page.
Our shop is an online shop of "Illustrator T-KONI".
"Goods that printed an original illustration" is sold in our shop.
T-Shirt,Mug,Coaster,Tile Box,Wall Clock,
There are a lot of unique, beautiful commodities.
Please come by all means to seeing it !!


Fantasy art
Fantasy artFantasy art - Birdman.1
Fantasy art - Birdman.2

Science Fiction Fantasy
Science Fiction FantasySea world - Fossil, Combat whale

Angel,Fairy,Kids picture.1Angel,Fairy,Kids picture.2
Cute Angel picture.1Cute Angel picture.2
Cute Angel picture.3Cute Angel picture.4
Cute Angel picture.5

Woman picture
Beautiful women picture.1Beautiful women picture.2
Beautiful women picture.3Beautiful women picture.4
Beautiful women picture.5Pretty woman
Cute girl - Electric Saw Secretary

Baby picture
Cute and Funny baby pictureEerie baby

Pencil art
Pencil art drawings

Cartoon Character
Water imp dogFunny Dog picture
Funny Cartoon CharacterLovely snail picture
Hard worker's robotConstruction robot
Mysterious prophetUnique dog picture
The sun characterSumo wrestling cyborg
Lovely dinosaurFunky lady
Midnight Black CatFrog and Tadpole
Energetic tamanduaFunky bear picture
Twin fairiesA mop dog
Squid and bird'sCute alien
Water imp dog version.2Angel of red hood
Funky rabbitFunky Duck
Cute dinosaurFunny Bird
Funny FoxFunny Elephant
Funky ratFunky lizard

Japanese art
Japanese artJapanese illustration.1
Japanese illustration.2Japanese illustration.3
Japanese illustration.4Japanese illustration.5
Ninja picture.1Ninja picture.2
Ninja picture.3

Japanese Kanji Symbol
Japanese Kanji Symbol.1Japanese Kanji Symbol.2
Japanese Kanji Symbol.3Japanese Kanji Symbol.4
Japanese Kanji Symbol.5Japanese Kanji Symbol.6
Japanese Kanji Symbol.7Japanese Kanji Symbol.8
Japanese Kanji Symbol.9Japanese Kanji Symbol.10
Japanese Kanji Symbol.11Japanese Kanji Symbol.12
Japanese Kanji Symbol.13Japanese Kanji Symbol.14
Japanese Kanji Symbol.15Japanese Kanji Symbol.16
Japanese Kanji Symbol.17Japanese Kanji Symbol.18
Japanese Kanji Symbol.19Japanese Kanji Symbol.20

Horror picture
Japanese horror picture

Animal picture
Funny Animal pictureFrog-Bear teddy picture
Dolphin pictureWhale shark
Fantasy tropical fish

Cute cartoon picture
Cute pictureFour-frame strip cartoon
Look for them!! Cute picture

Digital art
Digital artUnique canned food picture
Cyborg picture.1Cyborg picture.2

POP Illustration
POP IllustrationFunky town,Mad world.1
Funky town,Mad world.2Funky town,Mad world.3
Funky town,Mad world.4Funky town,Mad world.5
ShoutWoman of black clothing
Tongue picture

War picture
War picture.1War picture.2

Robot picture
Robot picture.1Robot picture.2

Flower picture
Flower picture.1Flower picture.2
Flower picture.3Flower picture.4
Flower picture.5Flower picture.6





Tシャツ・パーカー他 ・ジグソーパズル他 ・ブックカバー,時計 
カラーシャツ,ユニフォーム ・カラーTシャツ各種


テーマ:こんなの作りました♪ - ジャンル:趣味・実用

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